A Balloon Ride through Punta Cana

Aside from the spectacular beaches and golf courses, the Dominican Republic is the only Caribbean destination that offers visitors the possibility of experiencing a ride in a hot air balloon. The one-hour ride will provide passengers with a whole new perspective of the impressive Punta Cana region. Balloon rides take place at sunrise and one [...]

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Dominican Republic Attracts audiences at Taiwan Balloon Festival

TAIWAN. The Dominican Republic participates in the Taitung Balloon Festival, represented by the tourist company Dominican Balloons, which has received great attention and admiration from the public for its hot air balloon, a replica of a cathedral, which also displays the Dominican flag on land Asian The pilots Elías Leonardo and Luis Leonardo are in [...]

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The “crazy” dream of the Leonardo

BÁVARO, PUNTA CANA. The people of Veron's village look up, what a novelty before their eyes! Pilots of commercial aircraft that cross the demarcation are still surprised. Two hot air balloons fly over the area placidly under a blue sky. You will have to get used to it. For three months now the Dominican Republic [...]

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